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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School

Severe Weather/School Closure

Our aim is always for the school to remain open. The only circumstances in which the school would close would be if there were a danger to the children’s health or safety, such as a breakdown of the heating system, or if conditions prevented a sufficient number of staff from attending.

In the unlikely event that the school is forced to close a SchoolComms message will be sent to keep you up-to-date. We will also update our school’s website home page with news, so please refer to this regularly for updates.

Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather, even if you drive them to school. It is our usual policy to allow the children a (carefully supervised) playtime in the snow if it is deemed safe to do so and some teachers will probably take the opportunity to enhance the curriculum with some outside learning. Can I suggest that snowy weather presents a great opportunity to walk to school and enjoy the wonders of nature too?