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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School

Governor Profiles

Colette Mohamed


Colette Mohamed, Chair

Link Role: Safeguarding

 Tubbenden Primary School is a thriving, inclusive community school where I am proud to have become a Governor in January 2017 and subsequently Chair of Governors in February 2019.  I am a firm believer in high quality learning for all and in helping others play to their strengths and fulfil their potential.I have over 15 years leadership experience in organisational change and am a recognised HR and Communications professional.  I currently work as a senior leader in the public sector.  I am a mum to three girls (year 4, year 2 and one who will be at Tubbenden in the future).


Richard Batchelor

Richard Batchelor

Link Role: Curriculum

I have been actively involved in education since 1974 as a teacher, deputy head and, for 20 years, Headteacher of St Mark’s CE Primary School in Bromley. I have also been a Senior Education Adviser in Bromley and, for 3 years a School Improvement Adviser. I have been a governor of primary schools since 1985 and was a governor of a secondary school for 6 years. I am glad to bring this experience to Tubbenden Primary.


Alan Bloodworth

Alan Bloodworth

Link role: Risk (including H&S) and Sports & Pupil Premium

I was elected as a parent governor in April 2015 and Co-opted Governor in February 2019.  I passionately believe that all children should find enjoyment at school whilst realizing their true potential.  I’m a huge supporter of creativity and for children to maintain this throughout their school journey. As a Board Director and Marketing Consultant for 15 years, I bring leadership and strategic thinking to positively support the school and all of its pupils achieve success.


Laura Venn

Laura Venn

As a long-standing teacher and leader at Tubbenden Primary School I strongly believe in supporting our school in providing children with the best opportunities and education possible.  My passion lies in the emotional well-being of children and staff, whilst I have also established a strong understanding of the assessments and expectations of the primary curriculum from my time leading Year 6.


Hannah Crisp

Link Role: SEND


My name is Hannah Crisp and I have been a teacher for 6 years. This is my first year at Tubbenden Primary School but I have worked as part of SOLA since it became a MAT. I was a staff governor at my previous school (The Highway Primary) for 2 years before I moved.  I enjoyed getting to see the school from the perspective of the governing body and felt that my experience and knowledge of how a LGB works would be beneficial to TPS. As an experienced teacher, I feel that it is important to be able to share my knowledge with others to help the school develop. 


Rebecca Deeks


I was elected as a Parent Governor in 2020.  I have a professional background in mental health and understand the importance of good emotional wellbeing and positive mental health in our children and teaching staff.  I have a love of learning and believe that all children should have the opportunity to have a positive learning environment in which to progress and develop.  I have experience of research and understand the importance of a solid evidence base when considering the best interventions for our children. I am passionate about environmental issues and consider it important that we empower our children to make positive decisions about the world around them.


Becky Casey 

Link Role: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Governor


I have two children at Tubbenden and have been actively involved in the school community since our oldest son started in 2015. In my day job I work with schools to help them prioritise the physical and mental health of children and young people. I will use this experience to support and challenge the school to ensure that strong and positive relationships between children, staff and families remain at the heart of Tubbenden, one of the main reasons for us choosing the school for our children. On becoming a parent Governor in November 2020 the learning curve has been steep but I would recommend the role to other parents/carers when the opportunity arises.


Kathryn English

I joined the board as a parent governor in January 2021. With my son attending Tubbenden Primary School and my younger daughter to follow in a few years, I have a vested interest in the long-term happiness and success of the school and its pupils. I have worked in the Higher Education sector for 17 years and bring a broad and transferable skills set to the role. Passionate about education, inclusivity and social mobility, with a thirst for learning, I am looking forward to undertaking this role and supporting the school.



Kate Penfold

I joined the board of Governors in March 2022. I have over 15 years’ experience in education as a teacher and am currently Deputy Headteacher at St Matthew’s Primary School in Redhill, Surrey.  I have been actively involved in Religious Education for a number of years and passionately believe the subject has much to offer. I am strongly committed to high educational expectations for all and high quality continued professional development for staff as keys to fulfil the vision of Tubbenden being an inclusive school where every child is able to thrive.


Atul Awasth

I joined the board in June 2022 as Co-Opted Governor. I have two children who both attended Tubbenden Primary School for part of their primary education, and are now in secondary school.  Throughout my career I have volunteered in various non profitable organisations in different countries and I firmly believe that learning and sharing knowledge is the only way to leave a legacy behind for the future generations to come. In my current professional role I work at a senior leadership position in a global telecommunication organisation and I want to share my experience and knowledge to support the school and its pupils in their learning.