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School Council News

One of the extra-curricular activities at Tubbenden Primary School is the School Council. This is made up of one representative per school, from Years two to six. Children in Year one join from the summer term. We meet every other week during Wednesday lunchtime, where the children discuss any issues that have been raised by their peers, such as a need for certain equipment on the playground or new ideas for lunches. The School Council meets to debate these issues, prioritise them, and discuss how they can make a positive change in the school.

They also decide (vote) on a school charity to support for the year. Alongside this, the school council organises some charity events throughout the year, and actively encourages others to do so too. To keep the school up to date with their progression, the representatives hold an assembly once a term to discuss any current and future plans for events.

This is a great opportunity for the children to practise their communication skills and include the children in making the school an even better place.

Updates from the School Council will appear here...

Penny Collection Challenge

During the week of 18th March 2019 Tubbenden Primary School took part in a penny collection challenge. Each class had to bring in as many pennies as they could as well as other loose change. The class with the most pennies, and the class with the highest total overall, would win some extra playtime as well as doing something amazing for charity.


All of the donations are to go to St Christopher's Hospice Candle Bereavement Project. This charity was selected by the School Council at Tubbenden who, along with their staff lead Miss Wilson, organised the whole event. They then spent the following week counting coin after coin to reach the final total. Tubbenden School managed to raise a staggering £1089.29!! With the winning amount of pennies from Arthur class totalling £44.99, and the winning total from Arundel class coming out as £135.54.

The School Council at Tubbenden would like to thank everyone involved for their help and support through this charity week, and for their amazing donations.