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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School


I love Tubbenden Primary School!  In my view there is much to celebrate. We have:

  • Friendly, well-behaved, hard-working and polite children who feel safe and enjoy being at school.
  • High standards of learning and achievement.
  • An exciting, lively curriculum, which is fit for purpose and enables children to become lifelong learners.
  • A positive ethos. Everyone is made to feel valued, and the children thrive.
  • A dedicated, supportive and enthusiastic staff with high expectations centred on the interests of children.
  • Strong links with other local schools, particularly those in our Multi-Academy Trust – the South Orpington Learning Alliance (SOLA).
  • A location and site that lend themselves superbly to learning beyond the classroom.
  • A well-organised and active Friends Association (TFA).
  • A supportive but challenging Governing Body.

When Ofsted last came they noted:

  • ‘…pupils make good progress…’
  • ‘… there is a vibrant climate for learning’
  • ‘… a happy and calm community’
  • ‘… drive and ambition to continue to make the school even better’

I’m often asked what my plans are for the school and my reply is usually that I want it to evolve to become a special place where the children are happy, and learn successfully. In the weeks, months and years ahead I will be delighted if it is known within the community for its warmth, excellence, innovation and aspiration.

I do hope the above match with your own experience of, and hopes for, Tubbenden Primary School, whether you are new to us, or have been a part of our community for a while.

Mrs Brigitte Bruce

Head of School