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Tubbenden Primary School

Tubbenden Primary School

Values, Virtues and Knights

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Our school promotes an agreed set of values. These values underpin all that we do and incorporate traditional British values.We aim that by the time they leave Tubbenden all children will have a firm understanding that their own actions have an impact of on themselves, each other, the world around them and the community, and that their impact will be positive. To support this aim we have developed our ‘knighting’ system. All children who come to Tubbenden automatically become Squires (trainee knights). They strive to become Knights of Tubbenden, living up to the school values:

  • Bronze Knights will have particularly demonstrated virtues that centre on their impact on, and respect for others, in addition to respect for authority.


  • Silver Knights show increased understanding of their impact on their own happiness and success, as well as a growing understanding of democracy and tolerance. The virtues they have demonstrate increased strength of character.


  • In addition to the above Gold Knights demonstrate awareness of their impact on their community and the World around them.


  • Platinum Knights are those who consistently demonstrate a particularly strong set of values which have a notably positive impact on themselves, others and their community.


Gold KnightPlatinum Knight











In addition pupils will receive recognition for doing ‘good works’ that are out of the ordinary, for example being a carer, raising funds for charity, etc.